Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mutt Strut 2008

Today my friends Oscar (a dachshund) and Charlie (a Chihuahua mix) went with me to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the first time (it was Mom's first time too). We took a lap around the track (2.5 miles!) to benefit the Indianapolis Humane Society. Dachshunds were certainly popular, as Mom has documented here!

I met this 3 year-old dachshund after we registered. She had one smooth parent and one long-haired parent. Do you think my hair will be this long when I get to be 3 years old?

O hai, you look just like me!

Maybe we're related?

This could be an ad for Puppia harnesses, no?

Enough socializing...time to pound the pavement with Oscar and Charlie. This is fun!

Keep scrolling down for more pictures!

Mom? Mommmmmmmmmm!

I had my picture taken with only about 5% of the dachshunds we saw there.

Posing with Charlie and Oscar:

The highlight of my day: the miniature horse. Note the sneakers. And the baseball cap.

Wait for meeeeee, Mr. Horse!
Hey...where are you going?

Come baaaaack!

Oscar petered out on us.

Is there room for me in there?

According to her owner, Peanut once looked just like me. Upon hearing this I made a mental note not to accept so many treats.

Kissing the bricks at the finish line:

Friday, April 25, 2008

Playing the Flute

Per Dad's request, a video with Mom's voice in it. It's lame though.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I miss my snuggle monkey

Mom is not nearly as fun to cuddle with. Until Dad returns, I have only memories of this:

Uncle Andrew's visit

Mom's brother was passing through Indianapolis on Sunday. Even though he's a cat person, I think I impressed him. Doesn't he look especially thrilled at the attention I'm giving him?:

There you go, Andrew, just relax. I won't bite.

I may look like an angel...

...but I'm actually being a little hellion on stumps for Mom. (Remember, she's a feeble-minded Inferior Pack Member to Dad's Alpha Dog.) I barked my head off when she left me for a few hours tonight. (Sorry, Jeremy. -Chloe's Mom) I let Toffee have it when we were playing instead of my usual quiet grunts. I jumped into Mom's vegetable delivery bin and tried to eat the tips off her asparagus, which is the only part she likes. (Ha!)

Don't let this face fool you:

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Inspector Dachshund

Haven't you heard belted trenches are in for spring? Mom has:

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Drinks on the balcony

Dad's latest kick is mixing old school cocktails. They smell great, but I haven't got to try them yet. Maybe when they are not looking.

Ooh, that's tart!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

More posts from today!

Nice day for a walk!

I got a new blue Puppia and it looks pretty hot on me.

During our walk we stopped at Starbucks. Here's Dad and me looking serious.
Me on Mom's lap.

I met a little kid that wanted to pet me. That was kind of cool.