Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dachshund Oktoberfest Continued

There were lots of costumes at the Oktoberfest.

But the best part was being reunited with my first dachshund friend, Gladys. Gladys and I met back in Indianapolis when I was just a pup. Sadly, last year Gladys and her parents moved far away. On Saturday, I was surprised and very happy to discover that Gladys lives here in New York City. We met her and her parents in Greenwich Village and then we all went to the Oktoberfest together. Here's Gladys and I with our parents outside some falafel place.
And here's Gladys.

Oktoberfest: the perfect place for a bratwurst like me

Every year on the first Saturday of October, dachshunds converge on Washington Square Park in New York City to celebrate our heritage.

Despite the forecast for inclement weather, we hopped in a cab and sped uptown to partake in the fun.

Look, a wire-haired doxie! I haven't met many of those. (The dapple pup on the left was a playful little thing!)

Obligatory butt-sniffing:

Showing off my stellar smile:

It rained on our parade and lots of doxies left. Mom and Dad weren't ready to throw in the towel, so we hung around:

I'll post more Oktoberfest pictures tonight, so stay tuned! Also, I'll share pictures of my reunion with my very first dachshund friend, Gladys.