Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mutt Strut 2008

Today my friends Oscar (a dachshund) and Charlie (a Chihuahua mix) went with me to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the first time (it was Mom's first time too). We took a lap around the track (2.5 miles!) to benefit the Indianapolis Humane Society. Dachshunds were certainly popular, as Mom has documented here!

I met this 3 year-old dachshund after we registered. She had one smooth parent and one long-haired parent. Do you think my hair will be this long when I get to be 3 years old?

O hai, you look just like me!

Maybe we're related?

This could be an ad for Puppia harnesses, no?

Enough socializing...time to pound the pavement with Oscar and Charlie. This is fun!

Keep scrolling down for more pictures!

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Franny said...

Hi Chloe! Looks like you had lots of fun! That blue hairy monster is freaky! He looks like he's reeling you in so that he can gobble you up... Good thing you're safe.