Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's a Small World After All...

Mom and Dad were walking down a street near our home (without me!) when they spotted a beautiful longhaired red doxie. They struck up a conversation in order to be able to pet him, and once they learned his name - Oscar - Mom mentioned he was a dead ringer for a dog recently featured on one of their favorite blogs, Doxiementary

It turns out to be the very same Oscar! Mom's so proud of her first celebrity sighting.

(This picture is from the Doxiementary post about Oscar; we highly recommend you pop over there, read it, and bookmark the site!)

Oscar lives a few blocks away from us and I can't wait to meet him when we're out for a walk one night. Don't worry Franny, I won't steal him from you - I only have platonic designs on him.

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Franny said...

It really is a small world! My Mom still can't get over the fact that your Mom spotted my boyfriend in NYC! I hope you get a chance to meet him yourself because he's a really nice doxie. Maybe he can show you around the city!

Are you loving NY? Have you been on the Subway yet? You should visit Central Park - it's AMAZING! And the food in the city is AMAZING too. They have a dessert just for dogs at this hamburger joint called Shake Shack. Oh, and there's also Pinkberry! Now I'm really missing NY!

My Mom and I love reading your blog and can't wait to read more posts about your new digs and adventures in the big city!