Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Girly time

Mom and I have bonded quite a bit these last few days. Last night I helped her paint her nails; tonight we may get ambitious and watch a chick flick. She has brought fro-yo home every night because she knows I enjoy licking the bowl, and even hunted down several bags of "Cheese, Please!" crackers, which we finally ran out of (they dole them out too sparingly if you asked me).

I especially like it when she wears Dad's favorite shirt and lets me sit in her lap like he does:

She's about to leave for the pet store to buy something - more cheesy treats, perhaps?


Shawn Nyland-Hoke said...

My beautiful girls! I miss you both so much.

Twix said...

Chloe, I know you miss your Daddy and I hope he will be home soon. There is nothing like gettin some Momma-love is there?
Love and hugs,

Victory Waters said...

Hello Chloe, I'm Sir Broadway, Yorkshire Terrier. My mommy said she met you and your mommy at the Atlanta airport on Wednesday night. I was told too come online and leave a message for you and also link to my mommy's site. I try and blog somedays as well. I'm going to keep perusing your site and look at your pictures. Nice to meet you. http://www.victorywaters.com