Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Scenes from our weekend, Part 3:


I am keeping Dad's spot warm for him in this picture. We napped once on Saturday, twice on Sunday, and once on Monday, logging about ten napping hours in all. We Nyland-Hokes are all power-nappers.

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Hi Chloe,

You sure do have a cute little tummy!! Memorial day weekend we travle from 1 side of Texas to the other to see Roxie & Sammy, don't know if you heard but they got snake bit , and then to see Jody (he had surgery)to see how he was doing so this weekend we are just gonna rad bloggies & bap all day just like you dod.

The Mommy had a longhaired foster named NIkki for a while & even though she is almost 10 years old & is tiny like you, she still reminds her of you. The Mommy missses her so she come over to visit you.

Off to a nap now...LOve ya lots...Mona